October Update

Quite a bit late on this one, as this first week of November has been full of work.

October was a lot. A lot of stress, a lot of good (or mostly good) work done, and a lot of great personal moments.

The biggest thing course-wise was the midterms. All of my courses went quite well, except for CPSC 121. I've found with that course that I know how to do the work, but the speed needed on the midterm was just too much.

Speaking of CPSC 121, I'm trying not to stress too much about it. I got just above the class average, which is good, and it didn't seem to bring my mark for the course down that far. (And who knows what will happen with scaling?) Also, I'm finally starting to feel like I understand the process of proofs, which is the biggest thing coming up on midterm 2 (this Friday!!!)

On the 110 front, I'm really enjoying the work, especially since we're getting to the more difficult and interesting problems. I've had a few lab problems where I had to leave the lab room and go somewhere I could think out loud without looking like a complete crazy person. (Yes, this is a good thing in my books.)

Outside of school, I've had some great experiences. I attended the SHUX 2019 board game expo, and had a blast. I found so many great games at the Indy booth section, like a game about the Tokyo metro system, a game about being a DJ, an RPG about wizards where you cast spells with Scrabble tiles, and a party game that's like Gin Rummy for words. I also took part in my first megagame, which was about being a US congressperson. Turns out it's less Scandal and more running around trying to find someone so you can get a minute with them. (Although we did find out that our caucus leader was funneling money to North Korea to prevent a nuke attack, while accusing his co-chair of Appropriations of embezzlement.)

Later in the month, I saw the Comedy Bang Bang live show here, and it was awesome! Everyone was incredibly funny and improvising at full power. And I got to meet some other fans before the show!

As well, I've started running a game of the Monster of the Week RPG based on the podcast Bubble. The players are all monster hunters who work on an Uber-like app called Huntr, and live in a domed city that's like a sci-fi Buffy/Portlandia. Everyone's made really interesting characters, and we're having a lot of fun so far. I'm really appreciating how the game's systems let you get the benefits of more freeform play, but with some structure.

Anyway, 121 midterm 2 is coming up, along with some big psych work. Let's see how things go in the rest of November!

November 07, 2019
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