December Update

Year's over, and 1 term down!

The biggest part of this month, at least in terms of school, was finals. For the most part, they were reasonably straightforward, with 2 exceptions. On the CPSC 110 exam, there was a question involving a trie. That thing took me so long to figure out! The CPSC 121 exam had a proof question involving an inequality, which I'm not that great at. I was able to get it all the way to the last step, but I just couldn't figure out how to do the last step.

In the end, my marks came back better than I'd expected! CPSC 110 was an A +, 121 was an A, and both of my Psych courses were A+.

Once exams were done, I headed home to Newfoundland for Christmas. I was able to see how my little nephew and niece are growing up, which was great, and so was seeing the rest of the family. I also took part in the Reddit Secret Santa, and that's where the card in the photo is from. It's a handmade watercolor card! How great is that?

Next month should be interesting, with Term 2 starting. I'm doing CPSC 210, so we're getting into more serious software design. I'm also doing COGS 200, which I've been told is a messy course, and a pair of 300's level Psych courses. I'm looking forward to how it all goes. Wish me luck!

January 05, 2020
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