February/March Update

So... many things have happened, to say the least. I had thought I did an update for February, but I guess it's just part of all the confusion.

February did have a great moment I didn't mention earlier. I'd had a bad time at the MLH Build Day hackathon, but found a great team for the BCS Good For Newbies hackathon. We built a little game called Piano Dude where you hear piano notes, then play them back using the keyboard. I focused on the UI part, and made a great little keyboard with "light-up" keys. We actually won by popular vote, and got a chance to tour SAP's Vancouver office. It's a really interesting place!

We'd hoped to reunite the team in March for the BCS hackathon, but with COVID becoming a pandemic, basically everything got cancelled. UBC's been doing online classes for a few weeks now, and it's been going okay. I appreciate the flexibility, but I do miss being able to bounce ideas off people in an impromptu way.

With March, most of my work has been on major project. I just finished my CS 210 project yesterday, and while I'm not fully happy with where it ended, I think I did a good job overall. The game works, and that's the main thing! I also finished a video presentation for my cognitive psychology class, and my group is almost done with our COGS 200 project. The professors have commented that it's a good idea, and that we've done a lot to flesh it out, so I'm feeling good about it.

On the social side, I'm doing what I can under social distancing. I'm missing my weekly board game nights at Rain City Games, but my weekly RPG group has kept things going through Discord and Roll20. I'm still running Monster of the Week, but we're also doing another campaign using Savage Worlds that's really interesting. I also picked up the new Animal Crossing game, so once I've gotten through more of the introductory parts, I'm hoping to take advantage of the online features.

In any case, stay safe, wash your hands, and I'll see you at the end of April!

(Picture above by Ben Hughes from "UBC to curtail most on-campus research activities starting March 24", James Vogl, the Ubyssey, March 19, 2020.)

April 02, 2020
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