August/September Update

These last 2 months have been hectic! (Which is why this update is so late.)

August had exams, which went well, but the main thing for me was moving to my new apartment. I have roommates for the first time, but I also have a big room with my own bathroom, so I've got the space to get some distance. We're not super best friends or anything, but that's not really what I wanted. Good guys though!

Another big thing was starting my work with the Berlinguette Group in September! I mentioned it in my May/June update already, so I won't go over the big picture again. I also can't be that specific, because my role is on a sub-project with an outside partner who's interested in the experiment automation stuff we have. Clearly, they don't want what we're doing getting out to competitors. That being said, I've been learning a lot about areas of Python I hadn't experienced, like concurrency, hardware connections, etc., and I'm solving real problems already. It's a good feeling!

My RPG group had a shift in schedules, so we did a finale for our Monster of the Week game. They blew up the side of a mountain, so I think it went well. We had a great time, and it was good to actually see people in person again.

Aside from that, not much else to tell, so I'll check in again next month.

(Header image by me! We had a misty night, so I knew I needed to grab some dramatic shots.)

October 06, 2020
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