March Update

March was a lot of research into machine learning, as well as continuing the hardware revisions on the tester. The tester is now really reliable, to the point where we're discovering new failure points in other things! (Always new and exciting problems.) The machine learning work took a long time, so I'm feeling a bit behind, but I've done as much as I can to organize the work and continue working on it. I'm going to start on emulated data to speed up testing and development. The data emulation part is done, but redesigning the rest of the code to work with the new "closed loop" approach is proving difficult. (Concurrency is always difficult!)

On the upside, I'm starting to see better news in the world. Even though cases are still bad here, BC has sped up the vaccination schedule nicely, and UBC is going to re-open in-person classes in September! I'm really looking forward to seeing folks again. I've also started some work on a volunteer project for IKKES, the Indigenous Knowledge Keepers and Elders Society, a group that works to maintain First Nations cultural knowledge and connect people with it. We're building them a website, which should be a great test of my skills on that end. And finally, the cherry blossoms are out! It's really feeling like spring now.

April should be a hectic month. Lots to do, including my final co-op presentation! See you in May!

April 05, 2021
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