April Update

April was a full month for me. As the first few weeks progressed, I struggled with not making as much progress as I wanted. I would think I could get the optimizer working on the robot in a few days, but things would come up pretty quickly, and it would be clear that it wasn't going to be ready yet. Pretty demotivating, but I was able to recontexualize it and make what progress I could. It was a bit of a rush towards the deadline, but I was able to make a great presentation at our group's weekly meeting, with a lot of help and support from my mentors. People really seemed to like it!

Two more pieces of good work news! In the last week, I was able to get the optimizer working on the robot, which, naturally, led to more bugs to fix. But it's progressing nicely, and we should have useable data soon. In other good news, while I wasn't able to get the courses I wanted for the summer, the Berlinguette Group invited me to stay on part-time for the summer! I'll be finishing up my project and moving to help with the core Project Ada team. Exciting stuff!

Not much going on outside of that, except for waiting for my vaccine shot, so I'll check in again at the end of May. See you all then!

May 05, 2021
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