September Update

That was a hell of a month of school.

Returning to classes was odd. Classes are being run in this odd hybrid manner, where students can be in class or not, depending on needs. It's a weird situation, but one I'm getting used to. It also feels really good to see people again in person.

CPSC 310 (Software Development) started out really hectic, as we had to develop a whole set of tests for an application, and have them properly find bugs in a reference solution for the app, but we couldn't see the intentionally buggy code. I understand why they're doing this (modelling a real software development case where you make tests first, but you don't know if they'll really work), but it was a real pain to work on. After that, things got a lot more doable and interesting. I'm working with a great partner and learning a lot about asynchronous developement in TypeScript.

CPSC 313 (Hardware and OS) is really tough. There's a lot going on deep down at the machine level. I'm getting through it, but again, really tough.

CPSC 344 (UI/UX/Usability) is interesting, but messier than I'd like. I know design can be really subjective, but I wish the prof would just cut out more of that subjectivity. I also feel like we're moving way too fast, and there's no time to actually think about things.

PSYC 363 (Neurology of Simple Learning) has some really interesting parts, but the quizzes are killing me. Every week, we have to write, with detail, about 2 terms from the past week in 10 minutes. I never really feel like I fully understand what they want in an answer, and it never feels like there's enough time to physically type my answers! I'm improving, but that class is my biggest worry.

Fortunately, as long as I pass everything this term and next term, I'm on track to graduate in April 2022! I was worried about the cancelled PSYC class, but the BCS director figured out that I have the right courses even without it! I'm very happy about that.

With my busy schedule, I'm not getting many chances to be social, but I have gone back to Rain City Games for their Saturday board game night a few times. Again, it's been great to see people in person. With masks and being double-vaccinated, I'm feeling more secure in going to things, so I'm hoping to go to more events in the next few months.

See you next month!

(Photo by GraceHues Photography on Unsplash)

October 16, 2021
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