Long Overdue Update (September, November, and Half of December)

If I thought I was busy last update, I wasn't at all prepared for the firehose of work that was this term. Everything was just a huge and constant amount of work.

CPSC 310 was probably my favorite course this term. I really liked working with my partner Thomas on our project, and I learned a lot about webapp and API development. I also took the plunge into the backend and set up our Express server, which was good practice that I want to apply to my other projects.

CPSC 313 was kind of interesting, but just reminded me why I don't want to be "down on the metal". And why I don't ever want to work in C again if I can help it.

CPSC 344 was also really interesting, but continued to be messy and subjective. I did get a chance to work with Axure on our final medium fidelity prototype. That thing is a prototyping powertool, and we put it through its paces. I hacked together an automatically updating budget bar and filter system, and I think the only other way I could have done it was to actually build a webapp!

PSYC 363 was just a ton of work with the weekly quizzes. I was able to learn how to answer quickly and well by the end, but it still took a ton of review time. I did do some neat experiments with the Sniffy Virtual Rat program, who simulates a lot of learning experiments you could do with real animals. (You actually have to manually teach it to associate the food dispenser sound with food!) My last experiment was a chance for me to use my Python data analysis skills from my co-op, which I hope the professor appreciates.

After seeing my friend off from Vancouver, I wasn't able to do too much socially, but I did take some opportunities to see the BC Lions and Whitecaps FL teams play. Both were fun, but the Whitecaps were the best so far. The fans there are amazing! If you can go, get the Standing Area seats if you can (and don't mind standing most of the game). That's where you get the full football supporter experience: chants, noisemakers, flags, signs, the works. I'm also planning to see the Vancouver Canucks after Christmas, since I want to take the opportunity to see them while I'm still here in the city.

The biggest event for me, however, was finally seeing The Midnight live. I first started listening to them before leaving Beijing, and discovered that they'd performed in Vancouver a few days before I first arrived here. I was a bit disappointed, but figured I'd see them soon enough. (You know that line about God laughing at plans?) It was an awesome show by a fantastic band, and you should absolutely go if they're ever performing near you (or just start listening either way). But beyond that, it was just nice to be around people all singing along at the top of their lungs.

The next thing for me is Christmas. Right now I have tickets home to see family, but with Omicron, I'm not sure how that's going to go. I'll have to let you know in my next update.

Until then, take care and Happy Holidays!

(Photo by GraceHues Photography on Unsplash)

December 17, 2021
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