3 Month Update

Update time! It's been 3 months, so I actually have some stuff to talk about.

Work has started well. I'm working with the Thunderbird team in the Berlinguette Group, who are involved with advanced nuclear fusion. I can't talk about the details, but my role is helping with data capture, storage and analysis. Data science isn't something I've done before, so I'm excited to see what I can do.

On the personal side, my vacation with the family was great! We rented a cabin near Terra Nova National Park, which was a great home base for our adventures. I got a great chance to hang out with my niece and nephew, who are just criminally adorable, and I got to drive them around on the go-kart track at Splash n' Putt Park. All around a great family vacation.

Back here in Vancouver, most of my personal time has been getting my apartment in order, but a recent event highlight was going to the SHUX board game expo. Some personal highlights:

  • Becoming a problem gambler in Ready, Set, Bet
  • Losing my attempt to be the greatest party potato in a dance off, but getting my testimonial on the Kickstarter page for Hot Potatoz
  • Not quite being the best dim sum eater in SteamUp
  • Stressing over failing print journalism as a "Wind in the Willows" character in Fit To Print
  • Sending so many robots to their death on missions in Starship Captains
  • My near last minute winning goal in Trick Shot
  • Getting (mildly) chewed out by Alan Gerding, developer of Two Rooms And A Boom for being history's worst room leader. (Seriously, I'd get someone's color and forget it 5 seconds later.)
  • The crew "hiring" Lawyer Ethan to make up for their utter lack of legal knowledge in "Quinns' Cardboard Courtroom"
  • And, of course, spending too much money.

That's basically it so far. See you all next time!

(P.S. Splatoon 3 is great. Big Man is best man. That is all.)

October 10, 2022
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