Berlinguette Group

Ada Project - Python developer

The Berlinguette Group is a multi-disciplinary research group at UBC Department of Chemistry focused on alternative energy technology. The members bring a wide range of expertise in chemistry, physics, engineering and software development, and has done research into clean energy materials, CO2 conversion, advanced solar cells, and much more.

One key project in the Group is Project Ada, which is developing an automated laboratory system. This system combines robotics with machine learning to create a platform that can characterize and optimize advanced materials for use in clean energy technologies.

As a Python developer, I am responsible for leading various software development projects in Project Ada, focusing on:

  • interfacing with hardware components using existing libraries
  • processing signals from those components
  • developing and testing a user interface using PyQt5
  • integrating Bayesian optimization (based on Facebook Ax) into the system
  • improving functionality and software design of interface libraries
  • maintaining code repositories
  • building project documentation using Sphinx

As a team member, I am responsible for

  • properly documenting all experimental results
  • data analysis using pandas and Scikit Learn
  • data visualization using plotly
  • communication with the Project Ada team in regular meetings
  • attending regular Berlinguette Group meetings
  • providing regular updates to outside partners
  • contributing to final project report

(Header image by UBC Quantum Matter Institute, found here)

Update: A journal article detailing this project has been published in Discovery Digital.

01 September, 2020
  • python
  • hardware
  • chemistry
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