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Berlinguette Group

Thunderbird Project - Software developer

The Berlinguette Group is a multi-disciplinary research group at UBC Department of Chemistry focused on alternative energy technology. The members bring a wide range of expertise in chemistry, physics, engineering and software development, and has done research into clean energy materials, CO2 conversion, advanced solar cells, and much more.

One project in the Group is Thunderbird, which is researching advanced nuclear fusion. This group is "combining electrochemistry with nuclear fusion science to drive fusion events at lower temperatures that currently known", and is working towards creating "a low-cost energy source that can scale within the span of a human lifetime". Source

As a software developer, I am responsible for developing tools and systems for data acquisition, storage and analysis, that meets the team needs, as well as communicating progress with the team and overall Group.

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01 August, 2022
  • python
  • physics
  • chemistry
  • data science
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