PomoDoIt app (iOS version)

Simple pomodoro timer app with 'done' tracking

(Android version)

I've found the Pomodoro technique to be very useful, but every timer app I've used doesn't really fit my needs. Maybe it automatically starts the next timer when the last is done, or it's focused on a task list, or something like that. I finally got back into it by just focusing on simplicity: the basic iPhone timer, and a sheet to track what I did.

Aside from learning iOS app development, I decided to make this app to enhance my basic Pomodoro workflow. The "done" tracking will help with very long tasks by letting me simply copy the previous entry. Entries with the same text can be collapsed and show the number of Pomodoro cycles taken to complete, making time estimation easier. Search will help me gain more insight into what I've been doing and how long it's taken, and a calendar/graph will help me see trends and keep up the habit.

At the moment, this project is at the very beginning stages, as I work through training and tutorials to get up to speed.

07 May, 2020
  • swift
  • ios
  • mobile app
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