Fast Friends

UBC BCS Hackathon 2021

This hackathon's theme was "connection", so our team wanted to make a webapp that could help people find new friends. Our idea was a quiz game full of social questions. At the end, players with similar answers would be paired up for a quick conversation, and could become friends afterward on the social media of their choice.

I focused on front end design of the quiz using React, and was able to make a decent prototype. I'm particularly proud of the color changing background, which uses CSS keyframes.

Unfortunately, while the rest of the team created the chat system, we were never able to integrate the quiz with the chat system. I think I was able to do a good job, but did learn that we needed to think about integration earlier, even if only visually.

(Header image by Michael Coren on the GFN Hackathon site)

11 April, 2021
  • javascript
  • react
  • css
  • webapp
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