Regional Vaccine Manager

Vaccine management database

For CPSC 304, we were tasked with creating a database application to solve some business need. Our team chose vaccine management. The application would manage vaccine inventory and vaccination history for a large health agency.

We designed the application using Java and OracleDB, with a simple UI using Swing. We had a set of queries we had to design and implement, from simple addition and deletion, to filtered queries, to complex multi-table joins.

We split the development of the queries evenly among the team, and were able to design the required queries, but did not fully test them. I also focused on producing the UI, and designing classes to properly link front and back end.

While we did make a major mistake by not prioritizing query testing, we did have a solid design that our whole team is proud of.

(This academic project cannot be publicly released, but can be made available to view on request.)

(Header image by CDC on Unsplash)

16 June, 2021
  • java
  • swing
  • oracle-db
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