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Explorer for UBC course and rooms data

For CPSC 310, we were tasked with building a webapp to explore datasets of UBC course history and rooms information. This work was carried out with my team partner, Thomas Cowan.

We divided up work responsibilities, and I focused on dataset manipulation (i.e. addition, deletion, persistence) and backend server endpoints, while Thomas focused on the query language and the React frontend. We also developed unit tests for our particular part of the codebase, performed code reviews on each other's work in pull requests, developed user stories for our final frontend implementation, and reviewed our progress in weekly scrum meetings with an assigned teaching assistant. Thomas and I worked together very well, and were very successful, achieving a 99.6% grade overall.

While I have developed in Javascript before, this was my first experience with Typescript, as well as the use of Promises in webapp development. This was also my first serious work with Express servers and API development. I've developed a good understanding of these concepts, and intend to use them as I develop my personal projects further.

(This academic project cannot be publicly released, but can be made available to view on request.)

17 December, 2021
  • typescript
  • express
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