December (Last Half) Update

Welcome to 2022. Everyone buckle up.

I didn't do too much before leaving Vancouver to keep myself safe before the flight home, but I did go to the Festival Of Lights event at the VanDusen Gardens. The sheer amount of lights and decoration they put across the garden was really impressive! Very beautiful, and really helped get me in the spirit.

I was able to make it home after all, but couldn't get in before Newfoundland's 5-day isolation period started, so I had to spend actual Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in a hotel. Fortunately, the isolation went well, and we did a delayed Christmas celebration that pushed our usual Christmas and New Year's stuff into 4 straight days! The important part is that I got to spend time with everyone I've missed, especially my niece and nephew. (I made them some knitted cloths that I messed up the gauge on, so they ended up rectangular when I wanted them to be square, but they still liked them.)

Over the isolation, I was able to do some work on my Decryptoquote solver project. It went from being able to give one solution on the command line, to being a full-fledged hosted webapp! I just need to add some responsive design for mobile users to make it perfect, but I'm really proud of it now.

That's all I have right now. Hopefully, I won't be too overworked to check in again in a month. See you then!

January 03, 2022
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